our philosophy

Sama, in Sanskrit, means "tranquility". Our logo, the lotus, reiterates this. As a symbol of feminine beauty, purity and spirituality is an epitome of the values the company believes in. Just as a beautiful lotus springs to life in muddy waters, we believe that our creations can add a bit of beauty to today's world.

Established in 1983, Sama has been contributing an array of interesting products to the high end couture jewellery sector in India and overseas.

As an organization, we at Sama believe and adhere to our core values - the spirit of teamwork and a pursuit of perfection. Our pride and strength is our team of young dedicated professionals. Each department works in perfect harmony with the other to give the most to each creation.

Unique and original design is another of our strengths. We strive for the unusual. Our creations characterize passion, individuality and style.

All our crafting is done in our in-house manufacturing facility. Here we combine the knowledge of the master goldsmith, with the latest in international technology to develop a product of high quality & finish. All the pieces come with a Certificate of Guarantee.

At Sama Jewellery we focus on providing a superior product at competitive prices. Our tradition of service is aimed at satisfying our customers' requirement to the fullest.

Sama is also the sole manufacturer of the "Farah Khan" brand. We have won various accolades for design and manufacturing over the years. As a team we have evolved, we are developing and progressing each year with enthusiasm fueled by our love for jewellery.

Our vision is to give those whose life Sama touches an experience of beauty, pride and trust.